Mark E Smith’s rare sensitive side on The Fall’s I’m Going To Spain (1993)

Mark E Smith in poignant song shocker. It’s not often the Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall veers down a heartfelt path, but this cover of an obscure 1978 Steve Bent track captures the small town naivety of a no-hoper who’s cashed in his chips for a life in the sun.

Amid breezy synths and clumsy castanets, Smith croons about following his cousin Norman to Spain, with his tearful mum’s premium bonds and “some tapes of Elton John” from the lads on the factory floor.

“I think it’s time I saw the world,” he sings, but I dare you not to go all glassy-eyed when you realise he’s heading to some grim resort and he’ll be back home before Christmas, asking for his old job back.