More notes than most: Black Midi

The genre black MIDI is a term that describes the art of using MIDI files to repeatedly remix a song so the track contains a huge number of notes layered over each other – thousands, millions and even billions of notes. A track has so many notes that the score can often just appear completely black – hence the name.

While London act Black Midi don’t play billions of notes, they play more than most. Even if most bands described as ‘math rock’ don’t like the term (Battles’ John Stanier one told me, “I hate the term math rock, it’s really unsexy”), Black Midi fit the bill here. It’s all odd time signatures, avant-garde guitar phrasing, stop-start dynamics and a unique chanting vocal style that’s unconventional to say the least.

They were one of the buzz acts at the Dutch new music festival showcase Eurosonic last week, so expect them to be booked for plenty of festivals in the next year or two. Until then, pile into the Workmans Club sweat box and lose the plot for an hour or so.

  • Black Midi play the Workmans Club in Dublin on Thursday (January 31)