Another dimension: Space Dimension Controller – The Pathway to Tiraquon6

So is this an album? If we believe everything we read in the press notes, The Pathway To Tiraquon6 is a ‘prequel’ to Space Dimension Controller’s second album due next year – or the soundtrack to a 24th century alien invasion that sees techno cosmonaut Mr 8040 bolted back in time to modern day Earth to save us all. With eleven tracks over 47 minutes and the ‘Feature Presentation’ intro that evokes a fuzzy VHS film ident, it doesn’t seem like a mere trailer. Let’s call it an album for now anyway.

The 20-year-old Belfast producer/space-time traveller has been busy in his “Electropod” after last year’s Temporary Thrillz EP on iconic dance label R&S, up to his neck in analogue synths and sci-fi mythology. He’s on the same wavelength as Detroit’s electro Mer-Men Drexciya – pinning far-out narratives to slithery galactic funk, with 2257 ADs proggy keys recalling Drexciya’s Arpanet offshoot. He’s got the tunes to back up the RPG fantasy titles too: Oppressive skittery beats rattle around like pinballs on Pulsovian Invasion, among synth lines that could slot beside AFX’s Analord series or Double Figure-era Plaid; Usurper’s 4/4 techno punch could be an upstart cousin of Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash, and the 808 cowbells and handclaps on Tiraquon’s Return sets the time machine to classic Chicago house.

So Space Dimension Controller has mapped his trajectory through dance music lineage but he’s no cheeky copycat. Like any ‘classic’ dance record, The Pathway To Tiraquon6 could’ve been made at any point in the last 20-odd years – or last few centuries in Mr 8040’s case. More than a sketched-out collection of random tracks, it ebbs and flows, buoyed by woozy ambient interludes like Last Sunshine On Planet Earth and Confined To Deep Space. The ’80s throwback voiceover on Closing Titles promises that “Mr 8040 must return to his own time… to save ours”, with his 2012 album Welcome to Mikrosector-50. We can’t wait to go back to the future.

First published in State