Real horror show: John Carpenter – Distant Dream

Master of horror John Carpenter has left an icy chill down most of our spines, with stark masterpieces like Halloween, The Fog and The Thing among the greatest dystopian genre thrillers of all time.

It’s also impossible to separate Carpenter’s films from his own minimal synth scores — with Halloween from 1978 one of the most iconic themes ever, and Assault On Precinct 13 a big hitter in loads of DJs’ bags.

Carpenter released his first album Lost Themes last year — an epic collection that updates his 80s palette, adding orchestration and electro production techniques to the familiar dissonant synth lines.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 23.14.55.png


Carpenter never really went for sequels to his movies — allowing other directors to destroy Halloween’s good name with another nine reiterations of Michael Myers. Thankfully, he’s up for a sequel to his debut album — with Lost Themes II out this Friday.

Distant Dream is the album’s opening track — another belter from a true maverick, with atonal synth wails and an insistent electronic bass pulse that recalls Giorgio Moroder’s classic Midnight Express theme The Chase.

Best listened to on headphones in the dark, in the rain, with your hood up.