Here’s the stunning new video for Lisa O’Neill’s Pothole in the Sky

In the countdown to the release of her third album, Pothole in the Sky, Cavan singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill has shared the video to the title track, directed by Dublin-based artist Jason Kearney, who also designed the artwork for the new album.

The follow-up to 2013’s Choice Music Prize-nominated album Same Cloth Or Not, Pothole in the Sky will be released on April 22, on Plateau Records. The title track also opens the album — a humbling, haunting take on mortality, and fleeting feelings of being swallowed by the universe. Lisa is joined on the album by musicians Mossy Nolan, Emma Smith, Joseph Doyle and Seamus Fogarty.

“My perceptions are as individual, debatable, ever-changing and as unimportant as anyone’s,” says O’Neill.

“The more I know, the smaller I feel… I’m young and my life is tiny in the greater scale of things. If a star blinked, it would miss me, yet I can say, ‘Stars, you’ve been lovely to watch for so long’”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 01.52.15

The video is an extension of Kearney’s acclaimed collage works — with abstract and surreal images bleeding into archival movie clips.

Kearney says: “When I heard a rough edit of Pothole In the Sky I was haunted. The sincerity in her voice hits me every time. I had the task to represent the theme of mortality, as reflected in the lyrics in a dualistic manner. Certainty and acceptance of death is something I think about quite regularly. It was such a challenge at first I had no idea how to achieve this visually, but the clips I found after scanning through hundreds of hours of archival footage all connected together to create a narrative that I hope does the song justice.”

Lisa adds: “After discovering Jason Kearney’s work last year, I asked him to design my album cover. With very little over and back, he was finished and it was beautiful beyond my imagination. So moved and inspired by this image, I proposed he make a music video for the title track of the record. It has been my privilege to collaborate with Jason.”

Watch the video by Jason Kearney below…