Mr Tophat & Robyn’s loose, snaking disco — Right Time

Two tracks this week have punctured a few peepholes through January’s general grimness, and they’re both 10-minute disco-house belters — The Black Madonna’s He Is the Voice I Hear and Mr Tophat & Robyn’s Right Time.

The Black Madonna’s piano-led jazz-gospel odyssey already feels like a cert for end-of-year hyperbole, but this latest track from Swedes Mr Tophat and Robyn is definitely its equal.

Taken from the pair’s EP Trust Me — out this Friday — the track sees Robyn taking a left turn from her usual bittersweet electro-pop.

Like the EP’s title track they teased in November, Right Time is a loose, snaking disco-house cut, with Robyn’s detached vocals submerged under Mr Tophat’s dubby electronic shimmers, piano and fleeting guitar scrapes.

The pair also call in two fellow Swedish big guns — ABBA drummer Per Lindvall, joined by his brother David on bass, giving the track a post-punk disco swing that’s been perfected by !!! (chk chk chk) in the last decade or so. And the generous use of double handclaps through the song doesn’t harm things at all.

The Trust Me EP is out this Friday on Smalltown Supersound, and also features the 15-minute Disco Davato.