Boom-bap meets dancehall in Bazza Ranks’ Where Would We Be, feat. P.O.A.

Irish dub/reggae producer Bazza Ranks (Dirty Dubsters) has just teamed up with Irish hip-hop crew Prisoners Of Audio for a crossover record that’s an unashamed love letter to music itself.

Where Would We Be asks just that, with the P.O.A. MCs touching on nostalgia, cider-fuelled teen parties, their music heroes and the dead-end what-ifs if they hadn’t followed their path. Over a loose, lurching digital dancehall beat beefed up with classic brass hooks, the MCs’ classic flow adds an old-skool boom-bap vibe to the track, that’s just begging for a Sunday afternoon festival crowd.

The video piles on the nostalgia further, mainly shot in the Record Spot on Fade Street in Dublin, with Bazza working behind the counter as P.O.A. trade verses while the camera lingers on Wu-Tang Clan, Quincy Jones, The Congos, Mad Professor, The Roots and more. David Bowie’s Labyrinth LP gets an extra long shot – Bazza is a self-professed pop culture obsessive, who’s got an ‘80s Baby Mixtape’ on the way, featuring the WWF, Ninja Turtles, the Karate Kid and Ghostbusters and other lurid delights.

Where Would We Be is out now on Irish Moss Records – buy it at Juno, and watch the video below.