Ariel Pink leads the Irish gigs highlighter

ARIEL PINK: Button Factory, Dublin, Thursday, €22

Ariel Pink says his work is “a weird art experiment”, which is the most perfect description for the genre-flitting left-field indie hero.

The LA singer-songwriter has released 12 official albums since 1999, but he’s also put out over 200 cassettes, and he’s held up as one of the champions of the lo-fi bedroom indie  and chillwave scenes.

Taking cues from 1960s psych-pop, new wave and his all-time heroes The Cure, Ariel’s live shows are unpredictable affairs, but always compelling.

TOUTS: McHugh’s, Belfast, Thursday, £8.50

IRELAND’S best young punk band for under a tenner is bargain of the week — especially as it’s in a sweaty basement.

The Derry teens channel The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, with zero regard for commercial chancers like Green Day.

Aside from their middle finger name, song titles like Bomb Scare and Saturday Night Scumbag prove they’re not afraid to put a few noses out of joint — but they’ve still got plenty of bullseye hooks.


REVIVAL FESTIVAL: The Square,  Listowel, Kerry,  Tomorrow, €32.50

‘FESTIVAL’ is probably stretching it here as this one-day show only features three bands, but it’ll be a bang-on outdoor show in the Kingdom.

Listowel welcomes three of Ireland’s favourite acts — from noise-pop punk act Ash, to indie-rock heroes Hamsandwich and vetaran Dublin rock legends Aslan.

With the stage set up in the town square and the  locals and the council getting involved, here’s proof that rock’n’roll can give a real boost to community spirit.