$hit and $hine’s weirdo jazz-funk glitch EP, Very High

Considering $hit and $hine 2017’s album Total $hit came with a website that was just a an interactive silvery, spinning poo emoji with hyper electronics gushing forth as you clicked the bluebottle cursor, head $hit-master Craig Clouse doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The clue is in the name of new EP Very High, which begins with a Funkadelic-style jam through a wiry metallic noise prism (You Were Very High), with obscure Brit vocal samples over 12 minutes. Figure This Shit Out is a dose of horror show R&B with disembodied backtracked vocals and stuttered, glitchy percussion. Third track Take You Some Time is the most conventionally pleasant, with a rubbery slap bassline, jazzy synth pads and rim shot percussion, with the busted roll to keep you from getting too comfortable.

As always with Diagonal releases, it sold out immediately on limited edition 12-inch, but take a weirdo jazz time out and listen on Bandcamp.