From the club to inner space: Objekt – Secret Snake

Even when he’s banging out club cuts, Berlin-based producer Objekt’s electronic creations always hit the head as much as the gut, with tracks sound designed to the nth degree, while still keeping a nervy vigour.

His new single Secret Snake is another future-gen production, which carries on his Aphex-like knack of avoiding any discernible loop, while the nano-scale blips and fizzes work as an ASMR brain balm. Like recent particle theory Dopplereffekt concept albums, Objeckt’s past productions can be thrilling in their sterile intricacy, but Secret Snake pulses with organic life, even if it doesn’t feel quite human – more like the firing synapses of some alien life form, along with guttural vocal tics and gurgles.

Secret Snake is the first single off Objeckt’s second album Cocoon Crush, which follows 2014’s Flatland. It’s out on November 9, also on Berlin label PAN. According to the press release, the album draws from “organic source material and natural textures to illustrate perplexing and unfamiliar sceneries in photorealistic detail”.