‘Defining mortality’ on new Dopplereffekt EP Athanatos

Electronic conceptualists Dopplereffekt have just announced details of a new EP, which seems to be another exploration of their later period science themes. Athanatos apparently build on the concepts of 2017’s Cellular Automata (Moo Kid’s album of the year) in “advancing the considerations of growth and decay”.

But while Cellular Automata focused on discrete mathematical models, and previous albums explored particle physics, Athanatos has a more organic theme, as Rudolf Klorzeiger (Drexcia’s Gerald Donald) and To-Nhan “explore genetic conditions and chromosomal influences defining mortality, with partial data points presented in a rare collaboration with fellow travellers Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender”. Organic is all relative with Dopplereffekt, remember, but they do have tracks called ‘Mitosis’ and ‘Eukaryotic Chromosomes’ to jog your memory of biology class.

The five-track EP Athanatos is out on October 26 on Leisure Systems – Dopplereffekt’s fourth release on the Berlin label.

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