Johnny Marr: Don’t mention the war

As the ratio of Johnny Marr coolness to Morrissey shit talk rises exponentially, the idea of a Smiths reunion gets even more ludicrous as the years go on.

But while Morrissey might cause a collective indie groan every time he comments on Brexit, Islam, UKIP, MeToo etc (etc etc etc), Marr just plugs in and gets on with it.

It’s been over 30 years since the pair were in a band together, but he doesn’t dodge the legacy, with a third of his current set made up of Smiths songs.

But his three albums The Messenger, Playland and call the comet can do plenty of heavy lifting along with the classics – full of wiry post-punk hooks, motorik grooves and straight-up catchy indie-pop.

You might even get more Smiths classics out of Marr than Morrissey – with Bigmouth Strikes Again and There Is a Light That Never Goes out prominent near then end. How Soon Is Now? Was always about the guitar anyway, and still sounds like an actual miracle, 33 years later.

  • Johnny Marr plays the National Stadium in Dublin tonight (Friday)