Sleaford Mods: We don’t need nobody else…

 The 2017 Sleaford Mods documentary Bunch of Kunst followed the post-punk minimalists’ rise from the sticky carpet pubs of UK satellite towns to the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage and a deal with legendary label Rough Trade – but Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are back steering their own ship.

Leaving Rough Trade after only one album, this month they’re self-releasing their new album Eton Alive – another desperate sneer at a Brexit-strangled Britain that’s getting more wretched by the day.

Live, they’re a visceral headbutt, with Williamson a balls of tics, spit and bulging eyeballs, while Fearn activates his loops by pressing spacebar on his laptop and knocking back a bag of cans, like the most chilled stoner at a YouTube rollover party.

  • Sleaford Mods play Belfast’s Limelight on Thursday (February 7); Dublin’s Academy on Friday; Roisin Dubh in Galway on Saturday, and Dolans in Limerick on Sunday.