HIDE tackle rape culture through post-industrial noise on Chainsaw

The video for Hide’s latest single Chainsaw ends with an all-caps message RAPE CULTURE KILLS and an audio sample of someone retching and dribbling into a toilet. It’s a grotesque scene, but Hide don’t shy away from ugliness.

Chicago duo Hide’s 2018 debut LP Castration Anxiety is a product of the DIY electronic scene, with post-industrial samples and contorted vocals rammed and scuffed together with a neck-tightening, visceral force.

Chainsaw is the first single from the second album HELL IS HERE, a sheet metal industrial pile-up with no beat that somehow manages to batter you sideways with a repeated riff that’s fraying at the edges. The lyrics aren’t written by the band, but rather Heather Gabel vomits out shitty insults they’ve heard repeatedly on the street, “often while in the company of a child”.

  • HIDE’s second album HELL IS HERE is released on Dais Records on August 23. Listen to Chainsaw below, along with the full track listing of HELL IS HERE…