Who’d spend an evening with Shaun Ryder?

An evening with Shaun Ryder could go off in any number on tangents, but you know it won’t be boring. This is an interview with the Happy Mondays kingpin and the scallywag surrealist behind the group that the Madchester scene was coined for.

Expect Ryder to touch on the Mondays’ fame and infamy, and his second act with Black Grape and the Mondays’ reunion. Along the way, he’ll maybe lead you up the garden path with tales of trolling the press through miles of cocaine lines, how he was still dealing ecstasy during the band’s early years, how he lost all his teeth from smoking crack and how he gave up drugs.

He’s also had a column in the Sunday Sport, appeared on I’m a Celebrity and UFO truther programmes and has just published a book of his amazing stream-of-consciousness lyrics, called Wrote For Luck. The interview is followed by an audience Q&A so get witty, then a Hacienda-style party into the early hours. Sorted.

  • An Evening With Shaun Ryder is at Sugar Club in Dublin this Friday, July 26