Kerbdog Turn it on again

When Kerbdog played a full-band reunion tour in 1996, frontman Cormac Battle called it the “midlife crisis tour”, but it seems like the crisis has been averted. The Kilkenny band have been buzzing on social media with practice photos and a whiff of surprise that it’s falling into place despite their instruments being locked away for three years. 

The reunion was an apt time to mark the 20th anniversary of their calbum On the Turn – a hookier, energetic buzz-punk record with its cues taken from Husker Du, rather than the grungey metal riffs on their 1993 debut. 

With no anniversaries or new album on the way, the random gigs will be a big nostalgia trip for fans of one of Ireland’s great cult bands.

  • Kerbdog play the Limelight in Belfast tomorrow (Friday) and Whelan’s in Dublin tomorrow