Beak> still hard drone by

With Geoff Barrow’s other band Portishead without an album since 2008 and with no immediate plans to tour properly, he’s once again on the road with BEAK>, for some sleek krautrock analogue electronics.

Too many bands use krautrock as a cheap shortcut to credibility, but BEAK> don’t just tick off the drones, motorik no-frills drumming and abstract vocal lines of Neu!, Can and Cluster. Like Broadcast, Stereolab and various Ghost Box Records artists, there’s a nerviness and discord on their that keeps you on your toes.

They last played Ireland in May 2019, in a rammed Whelan’s, so this is a chance to catch up again in the bigger Button Factory, in case you missed them last time.

  • Beak> play the Button Factory in Dublin tonight (Thursday)