Let’s get grindcore done: Midrift Guillotine – Dig Up Thatcher and Burn Her Bones EP

If you really fuckin hate the Tories, a self-satisfied Owen Jones column just won’t cut it, and you might even need to go one better than Sleaford Mods. This new EP by Midrift Guillotine might get your rage over the line. It’s an eight-track, eight-minute petrol bomb of seditionist splatter grindcore, focused on the current shower of dickheads, but dedicated to their late demonic figurehead.

In a way there’s nothing that controversial about Thatcher desecration. When she died in 2013 there weren’t many reappraisals. We didn’t suddenly think, ‘Maybe she wasn’t that bad after all’, and there was plenty of speaking ill of the dead. I was in Glasgow at the time and within a few hours of the news, the Ding-Dong party was belting it in George’s Square, echoing scenes all over the UK, like a spontaneous working class Live Aid. Glasgow comedian Limmy has been a dedicated desecrator over the last eight years — regularly reposting his sketch of a man shagging Thatcher’s grave on important Tory milestones and anniversaries.

Who knows if Boris and his inner circle of hacks and sociopaths will be denounced with the same fervour for generations, but it’s not looking good for them. The Sunday Sport once ran with this ‘exclusive’ story in 2016:


Gove gets it in the neck here too, with the on-the-nose ‘MICHAEL GOVE IS A COKEHEAD’, while we’ve also got ‘OFF WITH BORIS’S HEAD’, ‘DIE MATT HANCOCK’ AND ‘HORRIBLE TORY NONCES’. Oh, and ‘THE QUEEN CAN FUCK OFF TOO’, while she’s at it.

You won’t be that surprised to learn that Midrift Guillotine are Scousers, with Liverpool being maybe the most anti-Tory city of them all. It’s Winterquilt on ‘Axe and laptop’, Rat Stabber on ‘Donk’, Zompoc on ‘Deranged bile’ and Shrouded Serenity on ‘Throat cancer’.

Going by Winterquilt’s Twitter, it was conceived and recorded remotely in a few days after he’d hit peak Tory fury and weariness. It’s a brilliantly wretched mess of route 1 ferocious grindcore, D-beat derangement and death metal squalor, with each song introduced by by a Scouse kid innocently chanting the ALL CAPS title. The artwork is another DM boot hammering the point home — a shitposting Pinterest mood board featuring the Tory scum, Trump, the MOMO meme, Kilroy, Jeremy Kyle, Jimmy Savile, some fag butts, a pile of dog shit and a Greggs logo. And all proceeds go to Kirby Food Bank in Liverpool, so you can help the community at the same time. Charity begins with saying FUCK THE TORIES.