Bad Religion’s 90s deep dive

Los Angeles punk veterans Bad Religion released an authorised biography last year on their 40th anniversary, and they’re continuing the retrospective with a month of weekly streamed gigs cramming the best of their four decades. 

The band have been an unwavering force in the US underground US since 1980 — guitarist Brett Gueriwitz set up the iconic label Epitaph to release their music that year, and Epitaph has released seminal albums by NOFX, Rancid, Offspring, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, The Black Keys, L7, The Hives and many more among its 300+ album catalogue.

Over the 17 albums, Bad Religion have fused melodic hardcore, progressive rock, politics and social justice issues from the off. They left Epitaph in the 90s and signed to major label Atlantic during the alt-rock arms race following Nirvana’s explosion, and they’ll be covering their most successful decade in tonight’s gig, including cult classic albums Recipe For Hate, Stranger than Fiction and The Gray Race.

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