Check for Signs of Life in Kilkenny

Tomorrow (Saturday) kicks off a series of mini day festivals at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre in Kilkenny, with an open music policy of folk, trad, hip-hop and Afrobeat.

Tomorrow’s opening concert features Landless, Lemoncello, Maija Sofia and Rachaell Lavelle, while tomorrow’s line-up is headlined by Aoife Nessa Frances, with A Lazarus Soul, Brigid Mae Power and Cormac Begley.

You’re probably familiar with most of the above, but stick around over the next few weeks as they cast the net further with showcases from 14-piece Nigerian Afrobeat band Yankari, Dublin-based R&B singer Aby Coulibaly, rising Afrobeats and pop star Plantain Papi and rapper and singer Alicia Raye and loads more.