Gigs round-up: December 4-10

OScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 02.43.02THERAPY? Button Factory, Dublin, Thursday.
IT’S hard to imagine that 20 years ago Therapy? were on the Donington Monsters of Rock festival bill above Slayer — a blip in the metal/time continuum. In the mid-90s the Larne noise-punks were huge on the back of their album Troublegum and its follow-up Infernal Love. This show is a special run-through of Infernal Love, a darker, more harrowing LP disguised by infectious hooks and electronic interludes by David Holmes. As always, expect the encore to last way longer than the main event — Therapy? have always been worth the ticket.

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WOLFGANG FLUR, Voodoo, Dublin, Tomorrow
In interview with me a few months ago, ex-Kraftwerker Wolfgang Flur was moaning that Ralf Hutter had turned the Robots into a travelling art installation.
The Kraftwerk live show is still a stunning audiovisual document, but Wolfgang has always been more man than machine.
His new album Eloquence is a quirky curio in the Kraftwerk universe, with offbeat lyrics, tough electronics and a rake of collaborators.
He’ll be presenting the album in his unique style, as suave as a James Bond baddie, and with the same level of tongue-in-cheek humour.

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OTHER VOICES, Various venues, Dingle, Kerry, Tonight-Sunday
Good luck if you haven’t got a ticket for the annual love-in at the church in Dingle, but a lot of the main shows are projected on big screens in Benners Hotel in the Kerry town.
One of Ireland’s most beloved music events since 2003, it’s focused on the quaint 19th century Church of St James, as well as plenty of other awesome pubs full to the brim with musos.
Highlights in the church this year include Low (above), Ane Brun, Lapsley and Richard Hawley, and expect to be bumping into performers in every pub, corner shop and breakfast roll hangover haunt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 02.45.47HUDSON MOHAWKE, The Academy, Dublin, Wednesday
Hudson Mohawke has already played a vein-melting set this year at Longitude, when he shredded the tent with trap, rap, techno and gabba remixes of PC Music. Expect no less at the Academy on a school night next Wednesday, as the Glasgow producer and DJ gleefully messes with expectations and your head in the process.

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FEAR FACTORY, The Academy, Dublin, Thursday
On the go for over 25 years, Fear Factory are still masters of vicious, mechanised death metal — like Slayer with a Terminator T-1000 software update.
New album Genexus follows their familiar obsessions — the man-machine interface, sci-fi dystopia and general weariness of the human race.
It’s their strongest since 1995’s Demanufacture — another colossal piledriver of martial drumming, nano-scale precision riffs and gothic keys — so expect one of the metal gigs of the year.

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HAPPY MONDAYS, Vicar Street, Dublin, Thursday
A few years ago you wouldn’t have bet your Christmas bonus on Shaun Ryder getting it together to sing a karaoke song, but he’s pulled off one of the best come- backs in years. He’s already fronted a reunited Black Grape this year, and Happy Mondays are back for another go round the block. You daren’t say it around Stone Roses disciples, but the Mondays are the ultimate Madchester band — raucous, witty and about to derail any minute with their middle fingers constantly up. This may only be a nostalgia trip — but what a trip.


Printed in Irish Daily Star

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