Nils Frahms’ new piece for Piano Day – Son

It’s the post-1916 bank holiday Monday, so there’s a good chance you just woke up with your face glued to the pillow and a few plastic Tricolours in your pockets. You need something to soothe you, and the Foggy Dew won’t work today.

Luckily, it’s Piano Day – a ‘holiday’ created last year by Berlin pianist, composer, producer and understated genius Nils Frahm. Following last year, it’s on March 28, the 88th day of the year – the number of keys on the piano.

Piano Day is being celebrated at concerts worldwide, from Berlin to London to Moscow, Toronto and Melbourne. But luckily for you, Frahm has curated a seven-hour playlist with 103 pieces from pianists worldwide, so you can embalm yourself for the day without any exertion. Most pieces are on a minor key/ambient trip, so you’ll be fully zenned-out by the time you get your spice bag craving later.

Frahm has offered up a free EP called Solo – Remains, and here’s his track Son, but the playlist has hours of impossibly beautiful passages from revered composers like Chilly Gonzales, Olafur Arnalds, Sophie Hutchings and more, so you could just start anywhere.

As Frahms posted on Facebook earlier: “lots of love through black and white!”

Check out the whole Piano Day playlist below: