Kanye West is sure to approve Aziz Ansari and Eric Warehim’s spoof video for Famous

We’ll be waiting ages for Kanye West to release an official promo video for Famous — so comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim have jumped the gun with their own production.

The pair are filming the second series of their Netflix show Master Of None, set in Italy, so they’ve filmed loads of clips goofing around on Italian Streets, miming lyrics and clumsily dancing to Kanye’s beats.

If you’re a fan of the show you’ll know of Aziz’s obsession with pasta and Italian food in general, so fine dining takes centre stage in the video, with the pair stuffing their faces and knocking the carbs back with fine wines.


There’s also some pseudo-arty monochrome footage of Aziz (Lil Bud) on a bike and Eric (Big Bud) frolicking in a meadow, the pair rapping lines at a fountain, and the pair humping a tiny Fiat 500.

Kanye’s bound to take it all on the chin, as the pair are good pals, and Aziz is a big fan. One of Ansari’s funniest skits recalls the first time he got to hang out with Kanye for the night (watch below).