She drives me crazy: Grace Jones – Pull Up to the Bumper (1981)

A few years ago I had to pick some tunes for an X-rated list and I had Wu Tang Clan’s Dog Shit pencilled in – Ol Dirty Bastard’s leg-humping solo effort on Wu-Tang Forever.

But even with crack-fuelled perv poetry like “Here comes Rover sniffin’ at ya ass”, the Dirt Dog is a neutered Jack Russell when he’s up against ODG. Pull Up to the Bumper was a big hit for Miss Jones in 1981, but the censorship wardens could’ve given her a ticket for this litany of auto-erotic fixations.

Spurred on by Sly & Robbie’s burnt rubber rhythms, Grace demands: “Pull up to my bumper baby, in your long black limousine”, before offering to “pump your tyre” and “blow your horn” while throwing in some spray and lubrication metaphors for good measure.

But in case you think Grace is only about the smut, the video has her superimposed over scenes from Koyaanisqatsi – so you can lie back and think of pioneering time-lapse cinematic techniques.

The single was rereleased in 1985 with one of her greatest sleeves – Miss Grace in a boxing promo shoot with the gloves off and wearing Tuf Wear pads below the belt – bonus points as Rocky, Apollo, Clubber Lang and Drago wear Tuf Wear in the films.