Test your nerve endings with new Gazelle Twin single Hobby Horse

Gazelle Twin flagged ‘Hobby Horse’ two months ago and now she’s finally giving us all the gory details with a new industrial body-horror mission statement. The first hint of ‘Hobby Horse’ was a striking image of her in March, in some kind of fear-inducing Punch & Judy gang-banger jockey get-up – switching her primary colour allegiance from royal blue hoodie tracksuit to danger danger red.

Producer, singer and performance artist Elizabeth Bernholz is quick off the mark to follow last year’s LP Kingdom Come – in my top 10 albums of 2017. And where Kingdom Come used space and discord to throw you under the bus, Hobby Horse evokes the claustrophobia of her 2014 masterpiece LP Unflesh. Over drilled synths and whipped percussion she shout-whispers “Get on your hobby horse and get out of here”, along with other panic station paranoid retches.

‘Hobby Horse’ is the first single from her album Pastoral, which is out on September 21. She says Pastoral “is an album that juggles British identities… a musing on how a sordid past becomes ‘quaint’… and there is horror in every ideal”.

‘Hobby Horse’ is out on June 22 on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, with a b-side Deep England. Listen below…