Ansome puts techno through an industrial press

The heaviest gig of the week is happening in Index tonight – and that’s after grindcore reprobates Pig Destroyer played Voodoo Lounge a few days ago.

UK producer Ansome bangs out machine-tooled nosebleed industrial techno and electronic body music with pounding kicks, metallic shredding and factory floor field recordings, with distorted vocals screaming from the depths.

The title of his 2017 EP British Steel may reference Judas Priest’s 1980 metal classic, but Ansome flattens most metal like an industrial press. Track titles like Poison Your Body and Bricks and Mortar gives you an idea what to expect.

The last time Index hosted an event as intense was probably Sunil Sharpe and DeFekT’s Tinfoil album launch in April  – expect a similar electrocution section near the end.

  • Ansome plays Index in Dublin tonight (Friday)