Azealia Banks: If you’ve run out of celebrities to troll, just troll half a country

It takes some serious effort to be the most controversial person on the cesspit of humanity that is Twitter, but Azealia Banks has been there, done that, and she’s been racking up the troll points in Ireland over the last two days.

New Yorker Banks landed like a petrol bomb in 2011 with her single 212 – one of the true belter singles of the decade, a jackin’ house track with NSFW rhymes from Banks that’d make Nicki Minaj run a mile.

The last eight years have been marred by delayed releases and beefs – with some brilliant dance/hip-hop hybrids along the way. She’s brought the ruckus online to Minaj, Pharell, Rita Ora, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Zayn Malik, Eminem and loads more – and one time had to be physically lifted out of a hotel party by Russell Crowe after she allegedly threatened to stab him in the neck because of his shit music. In fairness the music was probably was some lad rock, but still. Also, Banks was a guest of RZA at the party, so we’re guessing the Wu-Tang boss’s pals have been vetted since.

Further proof of Banks being a dickhead IRL came yesterday when she stormed off an Aer Lingus plane, claiming the “haggard” and “old” cabin crew were racially profiling her, and claiming they’d made up lies about her making threats. This led to maybe her most infamous rant since she called a male flight attendant a “f****t” in 2015, then said she wasn’t being homophobic. She went on to say all Irish women were ugly and even created a hashtag #uglyirishgirl  – going so far as to slap the hashtag on a photo of Rose of Tralee Kirsten Mate Maher and post it to Instagram Stories.

Who knows where this’ll end up tonight at her gig in Dublin’s Academy, assuming a big portion of the attendees will be female. Something tells me she won’t get the usual Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, treatment – which is a good development actually.

It’s a pity,  actually. Her latest single Anna Wintour is a triumph, with Banks’ gospel verses over a thumping Junior Sanchez house beat. It’s probably too late now though, she might be getting a rough ride and it might just turn ugly after all.

  • Azealia Banks (probably) plays the Academy in Dublin tonight