Yes we Can: Tronik Youth – Moreish

In a recent interview with Bandcamp Daily, Tronik Youth aka Berlin-based producer Neil Parnell addressed his label Nein’s prolific output, admitting: “I keep saying, ‘I’m going to slow down, I’m going to slow down… but I keep getting good stuff.”

This good stuff is updated regularly – already this month Nein has been drip-feeding releases by Stockholm Syndrome, BT COP, Disco Morato, Leonor & TJ Lawton, Alejandro Molinari and Moo Monster, and there are 191 records and counting on their Bandcamp site.

The label’s 2017 compilation was called Techno But Not Techno, a hint to its ethos of releasing electronic music without a rigid template, hoping that, like Kompact, you just know. This eclectic vibe is fulfilled on his own Dark Shadow EP that came out at the end of last year, which flits between sinister acid, breaks, space disco and sample-heavy industrial New Beat.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.01.52.png

Parnell is also a prolific remixer and edit wizard, and his latest free drop is ‘Moreish’, a new take on Can’s 1976 single ‘I Want More‘ – the most playful and groove-based track from the German avant-garde experimentalists that was an unlikely hit single.

‘I Want More already’ has an impossibly loose funk groove, and the high-fret guitar and nursery jingle synth lead are largely preserved in this new edit. It’s given extra dancefloor heft with analogue whooshes, an addictive Moroder-style arpeggio synth line and a mid-tempo 4/4 disco thump. Michael Karoli’s vocals are replaced by a cooing female singer, who doesn’t fully stick to the script but has the essence for sure – it’s only supposed to be More(ish) anyway.

Also, I like to think Parnell nailed this then wanted to put it out immediately, so he googled ‘tin cans’ and this was the first stock image that came up. No point hanging around…