Sansibar makes some Finnish EBM-techno noise on White Swan

Helsinki producer Sansibar has been turning the dial in recent years, flitting between trip-hop, dark techno and even lo-fi punk as Shoplift – but hopefully he doesn’t change the station after hitting a bullseye with his new EP White Swan.

The four-track vinyl release is out now on Manchester label Natural Sciences, home to Agnarkea’s paranoid short-form industrial hip-hop collage master-work Black Helicopters, and plenty of other “mutant electronics”. White Swan still has a restless edge, but has a stainless steel backbone of cold wave, EBM and electro.

The title track kicks like something off Al Jourgensen’s short-circuiting Twitch-era drum machines, while ‘Mandate My Ass’ is not only a contender for track title of the year, it’s also some serious Front 242-grade nasty arpeggiated EBM. Meanwhile, ‘Nolla’ channels whip-snapping Detroit electro and ‘Wallah (SANS DJ Mix)’ is a smudgy Belgian New Beat head-nodder with acid in its veins.