The Murder Capital strike Fears

With post-punks Fontaines DC this year becoming the most hyped band in Ireland — or anywhere else — fellow Dubs have quite a lot of ground to make up, to capitalise on the buzz around Fontaines’ debut album that dropped in April.

Of course the packaging of bands into sample sets is a pain, with articles in NME, the Guardian and even the New York Times seeming to think Ireland has just discovered guitar music in the last year or so.

In reality Murder Capital couldn’t be more different than Fontaines’ on-the-nose tortured Irish poet projection – more Ian Curtis abstractions than Brendan Behan or Shane MacGowan.

Tonight’s gig is the launch of their debut album When I Have Fears, after drip-feeding brooding, intense singles Don’t Cling To Life, Green & Blue and More Is Less, backed up by electrifying and immersive club gigs and festival slots.


  • The Murder Capital play the Button Factory tonight (Friday)