Fist-up dance floor defiance on Louisahhh’s Feral Rhythm

The clue’s in the title here — Louisahhh’s new EP Feral Rhythm is a straight-up classic call to arms track about dancefloor escapism.

The Paris-based New Yorker hits the club with a techno-punk snarl and ALL CAPS sloganeering as she chants lines like, “When you pray, pray with your feet” and “Turn Me Up, I’ll be the upsetter”. She hits themes of Freedom, struggle, release and courage, knocked into shape by distorted in-the-red kicks.

The remixes kick like an 18-hole DM boot too. Maelstrom’s fizzing electro take channels early Dopplereffekt or The Hacker; Manni Dee goes for a Quoth-like basement techno piledriver and Curses goes 80s industrial pop and EBM with panning mega-processed guitar riffs.

It all feels like a familiar comfort blanket — the kind of record Tiga would reserve as a sure bet. After festival season, it feels like a welcome mat back inside the club, as Louisahhh roars: “Dancefloor calling… white light/white heat.”

Feral Rhythm is out now on French label RAAR.