The DIY synth absurdism of Look Mum No Computer

Sam Battle is the quintessential modern star, even if he’s forged a career out of vintage electronics. As Look Mum No Computer, he invents ludicrous electronic instruments out of obsolete toys and gadgets, and racks up millions of YouTube hits and Patreon coin into the bargain.

He’s created a synth out of a 1970s Raleigh Chopper, made modular oscillators from a battered Gameboy and a disturbing electric organ out of a Furby, just for starters. But aside from being a mere curio character from Viz, he’s actually got the pop chops to follow it through, on songs like Human Procrastination and Groundhog Day and Modern Gas, where he indulges his electronic emo side, through fuzzy VHS filters.

  • Look Mum No Computer plays Upstairs at Whelan’s tonight (Friday)