Philip Glass captures life out of balance

One of the world’s great visionary composers, Philip Glass is presenting — and performing — two of his most iconic minimalist works as part of a special residency at the National Concert Hall this weekend.

Tomorrow, Glass and his Ensemble will per – form Music in 12 Parts — the revolutionary piece he composed between 1971-74, which hasn’t lost its power of mesmerising repetition in the decades since. The whole performance runs for five hours with two intermissions and an hour-long dinner break.

On Sunday, the Philip Glass Ensemble is per – forming the soundtrack to Koyaanisqatsi — one of the most influential and unique films in cinema history, with ecological and anthropological warnings that resonate even more intensely than upon its release in 1982. Koyaanisqatsi’s cinematography and time-lapse and slow motion techniques have influenced decades of filmmaking, while Glass’s minimal synth score has made a huge impact on film composition and wider electronic music.