More notes than most: Black Midi

So have bands made it when they appear in Rolling Stone, or is that too dad rock for an avant-garde guitar band? The wrinkly old publication last week declared Black Midi to be “England’s not new noise-rock weirdos”, and on this side of the pond, they’ve been gaining steam on the back of their 2019 album Schlagenheim and their rocket ship live shows.

The genre black midi is a term that describes the art of using MIDI files to repeatedly remix a song so the track contains a huge number of notes layered over each other – thousands, millions and even billions of notes. A track has so many notes that the score can often just appear completely black – hence the name.

While London act Black Midi don’t play billions of notes, they play more than most. This is probably ‘math rock’ by definition, but it’s not all just by numbers. Into the equation they throw odd time signatures, stop-start dynamics and a unique high-pitched chanting vocal style that’s hard to sum up. This time last year they were in the Workmans Club, so this sold-out show is is a big upgrade.

  • Black Midi play the Button Factory in Dublin on tonight (Friday) and Ulster Sports Club tomorrow