It’s about time the Story of Irish Hip-hop was told

With a trail of Longitude festival sellouts and MCs and DJs packing out tents and clubs all over Ireland, Irish hip-hop has been the most vital movement in the country for years. So it’s about time someone stopped to document the scene — from early 90s trailblazers Scary Eire, to the dozens of current artists punching up through the underground.

Origins: The Story of Irish Hip Hop — presented by Red Bull — is an oral history of hip-hop in Ireland, featuring Biig Piig, Breezy Ideygoke, Collie Costello, Damien Dempsey, Denise Chaila, DJ Flip, Emmet Kirwan, Fehdah, Frankie Grimes, Scary Éire, DJ Mek, God Knows, Jafaris, Kneecap, Kojaque, Lethal Dialect, Luca Palm, Mango X Mathman, Mark Murphy, Maverick Saber, Messiah J & The Expert, Mr. Affiliate / J.B2, MuRli, Nealo, Ophelia, Rob Kelly, Strange Boy, Blindboy / Rubberbandits and Yamma Yamma.

It premiered on RTE One last night, but it’ll be streaming on from next Friday.