Manslaughter 777’s rumbling dub explorations

When you put two drummers together from the extreme metal and drone composition ends of the spectrum, the dub music they come up with won’t be the chilled-out cosmic kind.

Manslaughter 777 is a new project from The Body’s Lee Buford and Braveyoung and MSC’s Zac Jones, exploring “bracing and imaginative takes on rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats, hip hop and beyond”. The pair have been crossing paths for a decade, spurred on by The Body and Braveyoung’s hulking heavy drone metal collaboration Nothing Passes, and they’ve just announced a new album World Vision Perfect Harmony.


But while you might’ve succumbed to the suffocating bleakness of The Body’s most recent singles, Manslaughter 777 offer you a bit more room to breathe. Lead track ‘Do You Know Who Loves You’ is dub in a loosely blackened sense — more aligned with Justin Broaderick, Scorn, or The Bug’s industrial outer limits. The white noise and feedback knocked into shape with metallic percussion, glitchy vocal snatches and degraded jungle breaks that opens up into a strangely serene landscape as it lurches forward. The video is a hyper-cut collage of CCTV cameras, barbed wire, military marches and propaganda sloganeering, so with this as a scene-setter, this album’s not gonna offer much easy listening.

World Vision Perfect Harmony is out on Thrill Jockey on March 19, but get in early on Bandcamp…