Blurring the lines at the Bang on a Can Marathon

Over the past three decades, New York ensemble Bang On a Can have made a name blurring the lines between minimalist composition, jazz and avant-garde rock. They have released and performed many of their own pieces over the years, but they’ve also been behind some special interpretations of iconic works by ambient and minimalist artists such as Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Philip Glass. 

This virtual gig is a special one indeed — four hours of premieres, meaning 16 new works by 16 pioneering contemporary composers, including Alvin Lucier, Jennifer Walshe, Matthew Shippe and Ingrid Laubrock. 

The event is free, but supporters are invited to buy a ticket, with a tiered system that runs from a simple €10 donation, to €1,500 for commissions that include signed scores from the composers.

Stream the Bang on a Can Marathon tomorrow (Saturday) here