Crazy P Soundsystem play ‘escape room meets Boiler Room’

Billed as “Escape room meets Boiler Room”, this virtual illegal rave series is an ironic take on the lockdown party.

Running from February 10 to March 27, it’s a series of live stream DJ gigs with a twist — you have to pretend you’re trying to find an illicit warehouse party by following a trail of directions, phone numbers and choose-your-own-adventure style movements for a group of up-for-it party heads. 

Tonight you’ll be navigating the virtual clubbing netherworld trying to find the basement party run by Crazy P Soundsystem. 

Previously known as the don’t-dare-Google-it Crazy Penis, Crazy P are a UK disco, house and funk crew who’ve been throwing parties since 1995. They’ve been a go-to festival tick for years in Ireland, so maybe it’s time for payback and a visit to their own virtual party. (Book at