Time Binding Ensemble’s quiet revolution

Scottish composer Kay Logan takes on her Time Binding Ensemble form for a deep listening meditative work of serene drone ambience.

It’s a 90-minute piece, in 24 pieces, all 3:40, each one a ‘Nycthemera’ in a different key of the musical scale (‘Nycthemera in A Major’, ‘Nycthemera in A Minor’ etc) before returning to its starting point. The whole piece cycles through each key before returning to its starting point, “like a sundial etching sound from shadows cast throughout a day and night”.

A nycthemeron is a full 24-hour period of day and night, so the whole album is a cyclical beauty, a (very) quiet revolution as the hours pass, carried by the spirit of William Basinski, Pauline Oliveros and the interludes on Boards of Canada LPs. It’s played on traditional instruments (French horn, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, and cello), but the droney post-production adds a parallel ghost-in-the-machine dimension.