A riot of our own: Vic Mensa – U Mad ft Kanye West (video)

Last year I saw Vic Mensa pull off a daft support slot in Dublin with Danny Brown – hip-hop cliche bingo every time he asked everybody to say ‘hell yeah’, split the crowd to see if left or right were more muthfuckin crazy, and jumping around to actual Jump Around by House of Pain.

He even had the worst T-shirt I’d seen at a gig in years – some big head caricature that wasn’t worth the fiver you’d pay a street artist.

A year on after calling him out as a joke the blushes are all mine, after the Chicago rapper signed with Roc Nation, and started rubbing shoulders with Kanye West, guesting on Wolves and performing with Yeezy on Saturday Night Live. Kanye has returned the favour with a spot on Mensa’s single U Mad, a brassy trap beat that suits this new video featuring the pair in an underground car park with sparks flying, riot police and a bemused bull.