It goes again: Death Grips – More than the Fairy

Industrial noise-rap crew Death Grips only gave away fifth new album Bottomless Pit last month, but they’ve already released a new track out of nowhere – More Than the Fairy, featuring legendary Primus bassist Les Claypool.

As with all their album and single releases, downloads, videos and tour news, they just dumped it on their Facebook page with no info bar the link, and let everyone else do the PR.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 23.39.31.png


Bottomless Pit is the Sacramento trio’s most cohesive album since The Money Store in 2012, but that’s all relative – Death Grips still make some of the most brutal, caustic music on the outskirts of hip-hop. More Than the Fairy goes down the same route – a glitchy, lo-fi digital hardcore squall with MC Ride veering between detached drawl and screaming like his face is being ripped off. Claypool’s high-fret frantic bass playing bangs up against drummer Zach Hill’s hammered breaks and it just about stays on the road.

Check out the, er, minimalist video – a set of gold grille dentures stuck into a banana balanced on a plugged-in power cord, all in one shot with a perpetual strobe.