No harm in a bit of pompous Europop: Voyage Voyage by Desireless (1986)

Voyage Voyage by Desireless is a pompous slice of French Europop fromage, but for me it’s a memory jolt back to the days of Top of the Pops with Paul Hardcastle’s opening credits, Pet Shop Boys, Jan Hammer and all the other keyboardy types that started to slot into my tape deck alongside Bruce Springsteen, who really was the Boss of me back then.

The sweeping synths and sultry French vocals are only half the fun though. The video has Desireless – a cross between Toyah Wilcox, Jedward and Guile from Street Fighter – swanning around a mansion like she’s gatecrashed a party in a Ferrero Rocher ad, with only the scummy hangers-on left.

She’s knocking us out with proto-Blue Steel glances at the camera, while the aristocrats gaze at holiday slides (from their Voyage Voyage) and there’s a salacious whiff in the air. And seriously, wtf is going on at 2:03?