Nervy industrial brutalism on new JK Flesh track PI04.1

Justin K Broadrick aka JK Flesh has started to drip-feed new tracks from his upcoming EP PI04 – with the latest one suitably premiered on The Brvtalist.

As one half of Godflesh, and with a hand in Council Estate Electronics, Techno Animal, Jesu and dozens more acts, Broadrick has for 30 years been hammering away at outer limits of machine-tooled heavy music. Godflesh’s 2017 album Post Self was in Moo Kid’s top albums of the year, at #4.

His JK Flesh project may not have the down-tuned metal riffs of Godflesh, but it’ll still knock you into next week. It’s Ancient Methods-style industrial techno with a relentless pile-driving kickdrum and degrading two-note bassline that hacks away at your synapses, so maybe it’s not the best track to share on a Monday, after all. The four-track EP is out on February 2 on Pi Electronics.

If there’s not a big enough wallop listening on your phone or laptop, JK Flesh is playing the Workmans Club in Dublin on February 17. Get tickets here.