King Kong Company: From cult band to actual cult

Over the last few years, Waterford crew King Kong Company have gone from Ireland’s biggest cult band to an actual cult — from having an afternoon mass at Electric Picnic, to posting downloadable gorilla masks for fans to get involved. A few weeks they also shared a pic with a guy at EP with their logo on his chest.

These Dublin shows have been sold out for weeks, while their Body & Soul show was nearly shut down because of the huge turnout, with many buzzers left in a black fomo cloud outside the locked gates.

On record, KKC are all about dubby electronics, 90s KLF rave touches and brassy left turns, while live it’s all transformed into an anarchic choreographed performance art spectacle that’s one of the most straight-up joyous shows in Ireland, either at festivals or the great indoors. A long way since I saw them around five years ago in a tiny festival in Carrick-on-Shannon (still brilliant live then, though).

  • King Kong Company play the Button Factory in Dublin tonight (Friday) and tomorrow