Computer says WTF: I KNOW I’M AN ALIEN — Wi-Fi Breath

This lo-fi weirdo electronic carnival caper by north London “Socialist art-synth-punks” I Know I’m An Alien is the kind of bizarro song we’d expect after going through so many weeks and months with screen-bleached eyeballs.

As a vibe, it kinda reminds me a bit of the bananas track ‘You’re Out of the Computer’ by Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend on the outsider music compilation Songs in the Key of Z vol 2.

But while that track is about 20 years old and name drops 2000s PC terms and hangs off rattling keyboard strokes, this one is full-on virtual surrealism: “Your breath it smells like iCloud/ Your armpit reeks of internet/ Your hands are full of Bluetooth/ Your fingers stink of Nicorette.” A brilliantly out-there custard pie lobbed into an Amazon Data Centre.