Head cases: Brujeria go after Trump the only way they know how

I don’t need to go into all the reasons US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has pissed off Mexicans all through his maniacal campaign, but the rapists/drug dealers thing wasn’t a good start.

So far the protests and backlashes have been fairly reasonable and within the limits of decency — bar the odd Trump pinata being smashed and former Mexican president Vicente Fox telling the US FBN network he “won’t pay for that fucking wall”.

But sometimes you need to, ahem, send a message. Enter Brujeria, the shady Mexican metal band who have previous in causing a scene in metal circles.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 23.40.51.png


For over 25 years Brujeria have been releasing vicious, twisted death metal and grindcore in the guise of armed and masked Mexican drug lords, with a blinkered lyrical route of killing gringos, shooting immigration cops, selling coke and general badness. The intro to their 1995 album Raza Odiada even had the band mock up an assassination of then-Governor of California Pete Wilson.

Originally featuring, among others, Billy Gould of Faith No More, Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, Brujeria now has a revolving door of members who answer the call to arms by picking up a guitar or machete and donning a mask.

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The band have gone down their usual tasteless route with a new line of anti-Trump T-shirts that go beyond a red circle with a line through the Donald.

The T-shirt is a new take on the cover of their 1993 debut album Matando Gueros (slang for “Killing gringos”), a picture of a decomposing severed head that was ripped from the Mexican crime tabloid ¡Alarma!.



The new design features Trump’s severed head with a few black eyes as a bonus — with a bastardised version of Trump’s slogan on the back: Make America Great HATE again.

And as an added little twist, the album is available in Walmart (and Amazon, but that’s not quite as funny).