Irish gigs round-up: October 14-20

OPTIMO, Bernard Shaw, Dublin, tonight.
As the best Sunday rollover pub in Dublin, you could’ve guessed the Bernard Shaw would’ve dragged its 10th birthday out over a month.

Tonight it’ll be a DJ masterclass, as Glasgow duo Optimo thread together everything from techno and electro, to 80s industrial, psych-rock, funk, krautrock, punk and plenty of outer limits gems that’ll confuse Shazam.

The team up with the Red Bull Music Academy also features anything goes Brooklyn duo Mister Saturday Night and some hip-hop, garage and jungle from London’s K15.


NO SPILL BLOOD, Bello Bar, Dublin, tonight
Dublin act No Spill Blood released one of the albums of last year — Heavy Electricity, which just about reviewed itself with the title.

Featuring members of Adebisi Shank, Elk and Magic Pockets, the guitarless trio channel the ferocity of full-throttle Ministry, Mastodon and Tangerine Dream on all the bad drugs.

They’ve promised new tracks tonight, and their won’t be much time for a breather, with support from the brilliantly-named Robocobra Quartet channelling Zu, Morphine and Mr Bungle mania. Get there early for noisy garage rock from Thumper.  


MICHAEL KIWANUKA, The Limelight, Belfast, tonightThe Academy, Dublin, tomorrow.
When singer Michael Kiwanuka won the BBC Sound of 2012 vote and released his acclaimed soft-focus soul/folk debut album Home Again, he surprised critics by disappearing for four years – and probably frustrated plenty of mainstream festival promoters who could’ve slotted him in basically anywhere.

His follow-up is another mainstream triumph with a bit more production heft from Dangermouse, who adds psychedelia and dusty orchestral sweeps to that impossibly sweet voice of his.


PERTURBATOR, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, tomorrow
Vintage analogue synth fetishism has bleeped and fizzled into the mainstream this year with the Stranger Things epidemic, but Perturbator has been exploring the darker corners of synthwave for years.

The Paris producer goes for an exploitation sci-fi horror aesthetic and more corroded, acid rain-soaked take on synth soundscapes.

Track titles like She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next, and She Moves Like a Knife ensure you can create your own tech-noir films in your head while you’re at it.


LE BUTCHERETTES, The Workmans Club, Dublin, Wednesday; The Black Box, Belfast, Thursday
A Mexican punk band with a singer called Gender Bender who covers herself in blood onstage and is pals with Iggy Pop is a winner on paper – and they’ve got the tunes to back up the PR wet dream.

Raging and swaggering like the Stooges, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Babes in Toyland, Le Butcherettes have plenty of hooks but enough dirt under their fingernails to keep old school punks happy as well.

New album has plenty of leftfield tangents, including La Uva with Iggy chanting in Spanish, and the deranged funk of My Half, featuring former Chili Pepper John Frusciante.