More confounding electronics from ‘computer hooligans’ EVOL

Swedish label FLUF has started 2018 as you know they’ll go on – with another example of next-gen electronics, sound-designed to the nth degree.

The label, run by producer tuuun, is populating Bandcamp with avant-garde techno and post-AFX sonic smithereens at the rate of over one a month – AA0007 is the seventh FLUF EP since September 2017.

Catalan duo EVOL make “mentasmic computer music and deformed techno objects”, with keywords on their site including ‘Chronodyslexia’, ‘time dilation’, ‘assymmetry’ and ‘party boobytrap’. FLUF simply describes their latest release as “sweet, rubbery goodness” on the new mailout.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.29.15

AA0007 takes a similar route to EVOL’s Right Frankfurt release on Diagonal – distorted rave phrasing that gradually shape-shifts with a nagging elasticity. 0007A could be an updated version of Aphex Twin’s Phloam rinsed of all rust and analogue gak, a disorientating bounce noise from a cartoon nightmare. 0007AA sounds like a time-stretched  extended death of an 8-bit sprite.

Another of EVOL’s keywords is ‘non-anthem’, so you won’t be hearing this in the club, but it’ll recalibrate your synapses slightly, if that’s what you’re into.