Elvis-fronted Nirvana is like a drunken idea that even made sense the morning after

It’s the kind of drunken idea that rarely gets past the wtf checking your texts hangover stage — but Elvana really are a band of Geordies who play Nirvana covers — with an Elvis impersonator instead of a Kurt. And of course we’re talking the lip-curlin’ diamante suit-wearin’, sideburns-rockin’ 70s panto version of The King, Thankyou ver’much.

There’ll be a graves churning up in Seattle and Memphis tonight as Elvana go gung-ho on their preposterous quest to bring us a mainline injection of Graceland grunge.

If you trawl through their videos you’ll see the band nail down unruly versions of Breed, Rape Me and School, with ‘Elvis’ in full-blown Viva Las Vegas mode, chewing the scenery like Nicolas Cage on a crack bender.

No matter where you are this weekend, it won’t be as brilliantly daft as this.

  • Elvana play the the Academy in Dublin tonight (Friday) and the Limelight in Belfast tomorrow